Why I Created I'm So Hoodie

Posted by Michael Alonzo on

I created I'm So Hoodie because I wanted to offer a high quality product at an affordable price. That's not new though. What is new is I wanted these hoodies to stand out. To express more color, more vibrance, more originality.

The hoodie is a very popular piece of clothing. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who does not like wearing a hoodie, or at the very least has never worn one. It's comfortable, it's practical and it goes well with so many different types of outfits and in so many different occasions.

If you look into the fashion world you'll see hoodies being incorporated into casual wear, sports and active wear. In rare and bold cases I've seen people wear the hoodie (and I've done so myself as well) underneath a sports coat. 

So I felt it fitting that I create a store where in I sell one of my favorite articles of clothing, the hoodie. Not just any hoodies though. I'm So Hoodie offers hoodies that are art put on fabric, fabric which you wear, which makes a statement for you. This store is going to be rolling out some amazing products and features in the coming weeks and months. Be on the lookout for new products coming out weekly, and on top of that a very special surprise coming soon for y'all.